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  Owning and running a martial arts academy has been my dream for as long as I can remember.  I have sacrificed just about everything else in my life to get to this point, and will do everything in my power to share my passion with the world.  Ask any of my students, I would live in the dumpster behind my academy if It meant continuing to live out my dream.

  I have been involved in martial arts my whole life, starting at 5 years old in my aunt and uncles kyokushin karate school where I attended up till I received my brown belt  and sports such as football and basketball would take its place for a brief stint until I found wrestling in 7th grade.  I would dedicate my life to the sport until I would heartbreakingly lose my wrestling scholarship to the same illness that would later come back to end my mma career and turn me towards coaching.  Broken, I would wonder into an mma academy and fall in love with martial arts all over again, that was in 2006, I've never looked back.  

  I am a brown belt affiliated with Miguel Torres Martial Arts Academy, a black sash certified kru in Muay Thai under Todd Brown, a brown belt in Kyokushin under Gillis Kandon Karate, a decorated amateur wrestler, a well experienced, retired mma fighter, as well as an obsessed nutrition and strength and conditioning enthusiast. I've been around this environment my entire life and have accumulated much knowledge I am dying to share with the world.  Feel free to ask me anything, if I do not know, I will humbly do the research to find your answer. 

With that being said, I am one of the most decorated martial arts coaches on the planet.


Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt: Kurt Cauffman< Miguel Torres< Carlson Gracie Sr.

Muay Thai Black Sash: Kurt Cauffman< Todd Brown< Master Toddy

Kyokushin< James Gillis< Mas Oyama 

Wrestling< Kurt Cauffman< Tom Dolly,Leroy Vega< The wrestling gods 

-Thank you 



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